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Over the last decade, YAKI and LEDIT INTERNATIONAL have shared knowledge and success. With our partnership started a strong and very close relationship: LEDIT as a global manufacturer, designing and producing LED solutions to worldwide suppliers, and YAKI as exclusive distributor and expert in technological development for France, Central Europe and North Africa’s signage markets.

After years of successful co-development and cooperation and to consolidate us as top leader in our industry, we have ‘engineered’ a united organization to increase our efficiency and proximity to our customers. United we move forward stronger, more efficiently, and closer to the market and end users.

United we started to build during the last months an even better business, driven by our customers’ needs, claiming our position as major actor in the Lighting industry by diversifying our portfolio with new LED sustainable solutions, and strengthening our leadership on the market.

All of this (past, present, and future), would not be possible without each one of you, our valued Customers, Suppliers and Partners. Your loyalty and trust have made us strong all these years. THANK YOU! We are honored to share this new chapter with you, in which we will bring new benefits to you. We are fully committed to always provide you quality products with best value and dedicated professional service… the best comprehensive solutions to support your business as you have been supporting ours.

With our new organization we now have two main logistic platforms for reliable strategic worldwide service: our headquarters and European platform located in Champlan, in France, and our Guangzhou branch and factories in China facilitating the Asian platform. We ensure the availability of our products anytime for anyone, with the same quality, conditions and service, while offering shorter delivery periods.

Meanwhile, we don’t lose our focus on technology improvements and new applications to keep our customers very competent and competitive. Our customized manufacturing capacity and lead-time improve also with divisions in France and China that can provide you with specific solutions to satisfy unique needs.

Since we become one, we want to share one common name with the strength of both: LEDIT YAKI. During the following months, you will notice many changes in YAKI’s and LEDIT’s visual identity, our websites, social media, and external communication until January 2021. Then we will share the same media. Step by step our fledging organization becomes greater and stronger. Our unified organization offers the widest portfolio to every industry player. We hope you to come meet us under our new banner in the different fairs we scheduled and/or our Le Light House HQ and Showroom near Paris airport.

Stay tuned! Follow us on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram) and subscribe to our Newsletter. We remain at your service through our usual communication channels.

Once again, our most sincere appreciation for your confidence and loyalty. We are grateful to you and look forward to our future together.

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